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Dear reader,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to MUN Society Belgium, a group of highly motivated and promising students, who are eager to broaden their mindset and develop abilities like speaking, debating and negotiating by participating in Model United Nations competition across the world.
Since its foundation in 2005, our organization has built an impressive track record. Our participation to previous MUN conferences yielded multiple awards, extensive media coverage and the patronage of the national and regional ministers of Foreign Affairs as well as many companies.

I invite you to learn about the many interesting aspects of our workings, while surfing on this website. Please feel free to contact us for further information on this unique initiative.

Best wishes,
Morgane Janssens
President - MUN Society Belgium

Our partners:

MSB has been given the opportunity to give a workshop for Ekonomika alongside some of the greatest companies in the world. If you want to be present at one of our workshop, keep checking out our facebookpage. Next term we will be found in Antwerp, Leuven and many more cities.

The MSB delegation has brought home the LIMUN trophy for the seventh time.

Although 7 times younger, our admiration for what the UN has achieved is 100 times bigger.

The London Banking Circuit organised by MUN Society Belgium reached the newspaper 'De Standaard' this morning.

MSB is proud on its 8th Best Large Delegation Award in Oxford International Model United Nations.

As Caesar said, the Belgians are the bravest of all Gauls. 2000 years later, MUN Society Belgium proved him right by winning for the fifth time the Best Large Delegation award at Harvard World Model United Nations in Rome.

RTL picked up on the performance of the MSB delegation on Harvard World MUN in Rome.

The team just came home from an amazing experience at the 2016 Harvard World Model United Nations conference in Rome. Want to be part of it? Apply now for the next application session on the 8th of October!

Our members had the opportunity to visit the King and Queen at the Royal Palace today who congratulated the team on our victory at Harvard World Model United Nations.

The official summer reunion took place in August. All MSB members and their parents were present for a presentation about MSB, food and drinks. Looking forward to the new semester!

Preparation is key. MSB has met with former US Ambassador in Belgium Howard Gutman and Kelly Degnan, the current Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy in Rome. These high ranking diplomats helped our team to put on their American hat and gave them a glimpse into the world of global diplomacy.

MSB youth and alumni were reunited on the annual Football Game and BBQ.

This week, MUN Society Belgium organised the London Banking Circuit, a trip for all Belgian students to the financial hub in London. 20 Belgian students visited the 5 top investment banks - JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Lazard, Nomura, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and had the opportunity to network with the bankers and participate in real-life cases.

With 16 awards, we are breaking records once again! MSB participated in Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN) and continues its winning streak as the most awarded delegation of the OxIMUN conference!

MSB was invited to celebrate Kings Day at the Belgian Senate together with our Prime Minister Charles Michel and President of the Senate Christine Defraigne, who gave inspiring speeches about the theme of the day, "Living in a globalized world".

The MSB team won the Best Medium-sized Delegation Award at London International Model United Nations (LIMUN)!

MUN Society Belgium is proud to announce that we just won the Best Large Delegation Award at Harvard World Model United Nations in Montréal! The MSB team did it again!

Coming home with 15 awards, we beat the odds once again with our new team at Oxford International Model United Nations!

We had the honour to receive a training on communication by the inspiring Patrick and Anne-Marie Demoucelle.

MUN Society Belgium just won the Best Medium Delegation Award at London International MUN, the largest European MUN conference, for the eigth consecutive time!

MUN Society Belgium is coming home from Harvard World Model Model United Nations in Panama City with the Outstanding Large Delegation Award!