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Dear reader,

It is my pleasure to introduce to you MUN Society Belgium, a group of highly motivated and promising students, who are eager to broaden their mindset and develop abilities like speaking, debating and negotiating by participating in Model UN conferences around the globe.
Since its foundation in 2005, this organization has built up an impressive track record. Our participation to previous MUN conferences yielded multiple awards, extensive media coverage and the patronage of the national and regional ministers of Foreign Affairs.

I invite you to learn about the many interesting aspects of our workings, while surfing on this website. Please feel free to contact me for further information on this unique initiative.

Best wishes,
Louise Hannecart
President - MUN Society Belgium

MSB has been given the opportunity to give a workshop for Ekonomika alongside some of the greatest companies in the world. If you want to be present at one of our workshop, keep checking out our facebookpage. Next term we will be found in Antwerp, Leuven and many more cities.

We are happy to announce the next application session on Saturday the 6th of February!

Although 7 times younger, our admiration for what the UN has achieved is 100 times bigger.

The London Banking Circuit organised by MUN Society Belgium reached the newspaper 'De Standaard' this morning.

MSB is proud on its eight Best Large Delegation Award in Oxford International Model United Nations.

In March 2016, the World Championships of MUN is awaiting us in the Capital of Italy, Rome. MSB is taking on this challenge for the 6th time.