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Board Members Black Tie Event

Through networking events and workshops with prominent business leaders and politicians, the Alumni try to involve their broader network in their activities. This stimulates an exciting exchange of ideas between young professionals in different industries and organisations and fuels a generation of leaders with ideas on how to positively impact society. Organising events such as our annual Black Tie Event is often a question of finding the right partners. Over the years, we have been very pleased to see various leaders in their respective sector teaming up with us for sponsorship. Thanks to their support our organisation can continue its workings and in return provide interesting insights and a variety of opportunities for our partners.

Belfius is the most locally anchored bancassurance provider, entirely focused on the Belgian community.

Brepols is the undisputed market leader in diaries in Belgium, with significant activities in the Netherlands and France. It also produces calendars, notebooks, writing pads, photo albums and offers an independent bookbinding service to printers.

Ecohuis is a construction company specialized in timber-framing and energy efficient houses. It delivers turnkey projects across Flanders.

Royal Chocolates is an established manufacturer of high quality Belgian Chocolates. Its unique Belgian Chocolate Thins are a tribute to the rich heritage of Belgian chocolate that people around the world enjoy every day.