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Why How

Since the foundation of MUN Society Belgium we have been committed to attracting ambitious and promising students to participate in MUNs around the world. Our society is therefore founded on two cornerstones: friendship and excellence.

"When I signed up, I never expected to fly to New York to have a meeting with the Security Council and the world's leading ambassadors, yet we did. Nor did I expect to meet so many people from all over the world, with so many different backgrounds, yet we did. I discussed the war in Iraq with an American from West Point military academy and the war on terror with a Saudi scholar. I danced with Venezuelans and drank with Russians. I had expected a lot, but not this!"

- Ian De Bode on his experience at Harvard WorldMUN in Mexico


First of all we foster friendship. By combining promising and ambitious students with an intense drive and the right attitude, we can offer you a unique environment to develop yourself in the preparation for a MUN. It is our view that everything we do is a team effort. That is why at the end of your MSB experience, you will leave with a baggage of knowledge and newfound friends.


Secondly we strive for excellence. We promote the growth and self-development of our members. Your MSB experience will start with professional trainings, diplomatic meetings and hands-on experience building to improve your speaking, debating and negotiating skills.
This, however, is just the first step in your experience. The ultimate goal of these trainings is to develop real life experiences during Model United Nations around the world. In this way MUN Society Belgium offers you a plethora of unique international experiences that will expand your horizon.