We look forward to getting your application

Application Procedure

In order to start the application procedure, we will need some information about yourself. Therefore, fill in the form below (scroll down) with all relevant information. Please answer carefully to all questions. We will give a lot of attention to your motivation. If you have an up-to-date resume, please upload it on Google Drive or Dropbox (or WeTransfer if you don't have any account) and copy the link in the corresponding field of the form.

You will receive a topic on which you will need to write a position paper. A position paper is a statement explaining the position of a country on a given topic. We encourage you to search online how such a position paper should be written - many resources offer simple and efficient guidelines. Two days before the application, you will have to submit your position paper.

You will also be asked to prepare a speech on this assigned topic. The best speeches are the ones who are :

  • spoken out loud and not read on a paper,
  • well structured,
  • easily understandable,
  • evocative,
  • and eloquent.


On the actual application session, you will have to engage in a group debate about today's global hot topics so that we can get a sense of your ready knowledge, persuasiveness and your understanding of international affairs.

Then, you will astound us with your prepared speech, after which you will be asked some critical questions about the subject.

In addition we will ask you some personal questions regarding your persona and motivation to join MUN Society Belgium.

Within a week after the application session you will receive feedback on your performance at the application session as well as our final decision on your candidacy.

Next Application Session: 5 October, 2019

Apply before: October, 2019

Application Form

Tell us about your recent grades.

Include any relevant awards you have received.

Please write down if you have had any previous work experience (what job, what company, when & for how long), together with all your extracurricular activities and your major hobbies.

Refer to the languages you speak together with your proficiency.

It must be longer than 500 words - but less than 4000.

Tell us how you first heard about MSB. Moreover, if that is applicable to you, write down the name of the MUN organization you have been part to and the MUN conferences you have already attended.

Please upload your existing on Drive / Dropbox / Wetransfer and provide us the link to it.