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Amazed by their wonderful experience at the Catalonia Model of United Nations in 2006, six befriended students from various universities across the country realized that the time was right to set up a student organization that would go beyond what anyone thought was possible.

The organization started its workings in mid 2006 and experienced a rapid growth in membership as well as in success at MUN conferences all across the world. Thanks to the help of its sponsors and to the wonderful contribution of its members, MUN Society Belgium was able to develop an award-winning training program that not only focused on producing skilled delegates, but also broadened the mindset of its members.

In the academic year of 2008-2009 the organization achieved unprecedented success in its activities by winning the Best Large Delegation Award at both the Oxford International MUN and the Harvard World MUN. MUN Society Belgium continued this track record, resulting in winning Oxford International MUN nine times in a row, London International MUN eight consecutive times, and Harvard WorldMUN six times in eight years. The organization enjoys an excellent reputation in the MUN scene as well as outside. Many of its alumni have gained enormously from their experience as a member and have started promising careers at the world's leading firms and companies.