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Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues using the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.


Model United Nations conferences simulate the United Nations, International Organisations and governmental bodies. The usual suspects of every conference are the existing ones of today such as UNICEF, IMF and WHO. Committees, however, are not confined to those, as for example historical or future committees stage a situation of either the past or the future and where, besides a good knowledge of country positions, your creativity is triggered as well.


Every delegate is assigned a country other than his or her own homeland to level the playing field. During the conference he or she is expected to defend the interests of the assigned country to his or her best capabilities.
Crisis committees do not have countries as members, but rather individuals or organisations. In that case, the delegate will take the place of this entity instead of a country.


Through MUNs participants have major opportunities to develop themselves in a way that complements higher education. Several soft skills are necessary to excel in these conferences: public speaking, negotiation and leadership. These skills are taught by professional speakers, experienced business men or our MSB peers.
Needless to say these are invaluable additions to one's personal development and professional profile.