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Board Members


Alexis Warnier

Currently, Alexis is enrolled in a second year master of civil engineering at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). Having attended to several important international events, he loves getting in touch with people from all over the world and exchanging points of view with them. As an enthusiast competitor, Alexis sees MSB as a new challenge and as an opportunity to meet new people and improving some skills. Next to this, he is passionate by kin-ball, his sport that he's practicing at high-level. In his spare time, Alexis loves doing and trying other sports, but he also knows how to enjoy the student life.

Casper Keysers

Casper is currently completing his first master in business engineering at the KU Leuven. Passionate about history and politics as he is, Casper joined MSB to improve his public speaking skills, meet ambitious and energetic young people from all over the world to discuss current affairs with, and travel with the MSB team abroad to engage in defying debates. Always on the move in search of challenges, Casper considers his membership of MSB the ideal opportunity to acquire a range of valuable skills applicable in professional, real-life situations. In his leisure time, Casper enjoys trying out new things, travelling the globe, sports and literature.

Fien Van Reempts

Fien currently studies law and is in the first year of Master at KU Leuven. She loves travelling to all parts of the world, meeting new people, being with friends and takes a special interest in international politics. She sees MUN Society as the perfect opportunity to combine these elements, while also developing some soft skills. She likes to go skiing as much as possible, and loves the occasional windsurf session and round of golf.

James Defauw

James is an engineering student who is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence at the TU Munich and KU Leuven. Besides his deep-wired passion for technology, he is also committed to a wide variety of activities that surpass the field of exact sciences. To him, MSB provides the unique combination of increasing his geopolitical insights, bringing his soft-skills to the next level and acquiring a live-long group of compelling and ambitious friends.

Hélène Hannecart

Currently enrolled in her third year of Engineering and Architecture at the KULeuven, Hélène is an ambitious student who plans to specialise in urbanisation at the end of her studies. She applied to MSB because she felt like it is an unique opportunity to train several soft skills one can not learn inside a classroom. She has an adventurous mindset and a broad out-of-the-box manner of approaching problems. Besides her studies, she enjoys playing hockey, kickboxing and backpacking.

Stefaan De Kesel

Stefaan is studying Engineering Physics at Ghent University. Most of all he is curious, his hunger for different ideas is unsatisfiable. He is also adventurous and likes to face new challenges. For Stefaan MSB was -and still is- a perfect opportunity: a chance to learn through practice and a new adventure. In his spare time, Stefaan likes to read, to run and to travel.

Matthieu Meeus

Having completed his bachelor of engineering at the KU Leuven, Matthieu is currently enrolled in a master of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. As he is keen on combining multiple, totally different challenges, Matthieu joined MSB to add a broader perspective to his technical background. After one year as a member, the combination of discussing hot topics with students from all over the world, developing valuable skills such as public speaking and most importantly befriending driven and inspiring people has already surpassed his expectation. In his free time, Matthieu enjoys playing tennis and soccer as much as having a beer with friends.

Senne Aerts

Senne Aerts is a student in his 2nd master of business engineering, interested in the fields of Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics. After he returned from his Exchange to the University of Illinois in the USA, he wanted a new challenge. MSB's international character and his willingness to work on his public speaking skills, made him eager to join the society. In his spare time he likes to have a drink with friends, play soccer, work out and travel to new places.

Alexander Meulemans

Alexander Meulemans is a curious and dynamic second master student in Mathematical engineering from KULeuven. He is currently abroad on Erasmus to ETH Zürich, to do his master thesis at the Institute of Neuroinformatics. Alexander sees MSB as the perfect place to meet interesting and ambitious people across the whole world, and to develop further his soft skill set via demanding trainings and adventurous conferences. Besides his keen interest for exact sciences and unravelling the human brain, he is a passionate classical musician, a professional waterski trainer and a curious traveller.

Jean-Benoît Henry

After finishing his master of Civil Engineering at UCL, Jean-Benoît is now studying Philosophy at KU Leuven. Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology, he is currently launching his startup CovEvent. He feels like enjoying a new and diverse challenge by joining MSB for the upcoming year(s). Diplomacy and politics are fields for which he developed a sincere interest by participating multiple times to the Jeugd Parlement Jeunesse. He loves playing team sports, meeting up with friends as well as a good reading.

Grégory Callebaut

Grégory is currently enrolled in his third year of Business Engineering at the KULeuven. Being a highly motivated student and eager to learn, Grégory joined MSB to improve his soft skills and to meet ambitious young people from all around the world. As he always want to face new challenges, Grégory is also adventurous and proactive. In his spare time he likes sailing, diving, playing golf and meeting up with friends.

Alexandre Domken

Currently in his second master of Law at Louvain-la-Neuve, Alexandre is keen to learn and always craving for filling his life with more challenging projects. As such, joining MSB seemed to be the perfect fit as it would allow him to develop his knowledge on internationals affairs, to sharpen his negotiating skills and public debating capacity, side by side with motivated students and friends. In his spare time, he has a real interest in music, playing the guitar, and he also loves to swim.

Ine Deblaere

Ine is a motivated student currently enrolled in her first Master of Laws at KU Leuven. While doing an internship at a global digital company this summer, she developed a taste for digital law and data privacy. Apart from that, she is interested in international affairs, is eager to learn and is always up for a new challenge. MSB is for her the perfect opportunity to meet these interests and broaden her horizons while teaching her valuable skills for the future. In her free time, Ine loves to sing, play the piano, travel and go out with friends.

Damien Van Caelenberg

Damien is currently completing his bachelor of Laws at Ghent University. His hunger for adventure and will to challenge himself brought him to join the MUN Society. MSB provides him with a forum to deepen his knowledge of international affairs and is an ideal way to improve his negotiating and debating skills. While tackling a challenge, Damien relies on patience and combines a feel for perspective with attention to detail. As his youth movement epithet ‘hybrid’ attests, his diplomatic nature allows him to slip into different settings.

Gauthier Budo

Gauthier is a third year Bachelor at the University of Namur. Currently enrolled in a Law degree, he is also following a complementary attestation in political sciences, more specifically in international relations. Being the optimistic and enthusiastic person as he is, he never declines a challenge and is always on the lookout for new experiences. Already being part of TEDx UNamur, Gauthier is always wondering what could be improved or worth thinking about. The decision to be part of MSB was not only to improve important skills or to discover new perspectives, but more importantly to make new friends. Gauthier is convinced that MSB guarantees a perfect environment to enhance all of these elements. He tries to combine all of this with his immense passion for literature

Olivia Dejonghe

Olivia will be starting a master in bioscience engineering at the KU Leuven in September. She is fascinated about new visions on how to make the planet more sustainable and new technologies that will shape the future. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book, go sailing or go for a run at the seaside

Joséphine De Cuyper

Joséphine is currently enrolled in her first master of Business Economics, Corporate Finance, at Ghent University. She has been trying to develop a global mindset and having studied a semester in Sydney has contributed to this goal. She was able to work on capabilities she did not even know she had, giving her an upside-down perspective on the world and motivating her to expand her horizons even more. Joining MSB was the perfect opportunity for her: debating and negotiating about innumerous global challenges, whilst improving her soft skills, being immerged in new experiences of a whole new level and creating new friendships. In her leisure time, Josephine particularly enjoys hiking, backpacking, photography and spending time with friends.

Héloïse Lebon

Héloïse Lebon is in her third year bachelor at the IHECS (Communication & Journalism school) while studying History at Saint-Louis University in second bachelor. She is also involved in the NGO Sea Shepherd for which she volunteers as a deck hand whenever she can. She is eager to fight for the causes she feels concerned by. These causes being saving our planet from global warming, the extinction of animal species and acting against the inequalities between sexes and communities. She deeply believes that the MUN would play a major role in giving the tools in order to get closer to that goal, first by all of the soft skills it will help her acquire, as well as deeper knowledges about international relationships, and finally, by meeting a lot of passionate and inspiring young people.

Jérôme Billiet

Jérôme is a curious and ambitious second bachelor student in Business Engineering at KU Leuven with a strong passion for finance, geopolitics and macroeconomics. He believes MSB provides the perfect opportunity to foster skills such as public speaking, debating and negotiating as well as to meet many inspiring young people from all over the world. Some of the things he loves the most about MSB are the positive atmosphere and the willingness of every single member to get out of the comfort zone and push themselves and others to the next level. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, swimming and spending time with friends.

Kato Spittaels

Kato is currently enrolled in her first master Business Economics at the KU Leuven. She joined MSB to challenge herself, meet ambitious people from all around the world and learn more about international affairs. Furthermore, she believes that MSB can offer her an exciting and highly professional environment to develop herself in ways that aren’t covered in her studies. She has always been passionate about discussing political issues, especially with regard to environmental affairs. In her spare time, she enjoys sailing, diving, meeting up with friends and travelling.

Pieter Decat

Currently in his second Bachelor of Business and Information Systems Engineering, Pieter is always curious and loves to learn. He wants to discover the world of international politics and the friendships that undoubtably come with it. In his spare time, Pieter enjoys listening to music, going running (or why not both at once), or reading a book.

Fahad Al-Sadoon

Fahad is a law student in his third of bachelor at Université Saint-Louis-Bruxelles. Besides his profound passion for literature, opera music and Belgian constitutional law. Fahad cherishes authentic moments of joy with his family and friends. He was very much eager in joying MSB because he strongly believed that it is the right organization where efforts and devotion are never lost. MSB for him is a safe place where committed people pursue together their way towards excellence.

Louis De Clercq

Louis is a driven second Bachelor student in Engineering Sciences at the KU Leuven, specializing in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering. Together with his passion for science and nature, he joined MSB to bring his public speaking and leadership skills to the next level. He loves to meet and share thoughts on global issues with inspiring and driven people from all over the world. He is convinced that having fun and connecting with people is of great importance in everything he does. In his spare time, Louis enjoys playing the piano, running and having great times with his friends.