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Application Procedure

Applications are currently closed. Keep an eye on our social media to find out the exact date and time of our next application session. If you want, you can already prepare yourself for our next application session through the instructions below.

Please fill in the form below with all relevant information about yourself once applications are open. Afterwards, send us 1 merged PDF-file containing an up-to-date resume, motivation letter and grade transcript to Also, don't hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions!


Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a country and a topic on which you will get to write a position paper. A position paper is a one-page document explaining the position of a country on a certain topic. We will provide you with further guidelines on how to write a position paper once you have submitted your application. 

You will also be asked to prepare a speech on this assigned topic. Try to make a well structured, easily understandable and eloquent speech. We highly encourage you not to read from any written documents while speeching.

Our application sessions will consist of a morning and an afternoon session. During the morning session, you will be able to demonstrate your ready knowledge, persuasiveness and understanding of international affairs by engaging in group debates. 

During the afternoon session, you will deliver your prepared speech in a personal interview, after which we will ask you some questions regarding your persona, background and motivation.

Within a week after the application session you will receive feedback on your performance at the application session as well as our final decision on your candidacy.

Application form

Please write down if you have had any previous work experience (what job, what company, when & for how long), together with all your extracurricular activities and your major hobbies.

Refer to the languages you speak together with your proficiency.

If non of the aforementioned ways suited you, please describe here how you got to know MSB.

Application file

Please send us 1 merged PDF-file containing an up-to-date resumemotivation letter and grade transcript to Please note that this file is required in order to complete your application!

Please note that by submitting this form, you are giving your consent for MSB to collect or use your personal information. MSB does not collect or use your information for any purpose other than as specified at the time of collection of the information. We may use your registered details to contact you with information relating to relevant job opportunities of third party partners in the future.


Fill in the form above and attach the necessary documents in a merged PDF in order to complete your application.