Frequently Asked Questions

This will hopefully answer all the questions you have !

MSB is an association of promising students created in 2006, dedicated to gathering ambitious and highly driven people, who participate three times a year to MUN’s all around the world. MSB gathers students from all sides of Belgium, both French and Dutch-speaking, covering all fields of study. Our society is therefore founded on two cornerstones: friendship and excellence. That is why at the end of your MSB experience, you will leave with a baggage of knowledge and newfound friends.

MSB is founded on friendship and excellence. Those two pillars are the core value of MSB. Your MSB experience will start with professional trainings, diplomatic meetings and hands-on experience building to improve your speaking, debating and negotiating skills.
This, however, is just the first step in your experience. The ultimate goal of these trainings is to develop real life experiences during Model United Nations around the world. In this way MUN Society Belgium offers you a plethora of unique international experiences that will expand your horizon.

This stands for Model United Nations. A Model United Nations is a gathering of students from all over the world, representing an assigned country (China, Zimbabwe, USA, South-Korea…) in an assigned committee (Human Rights Council, Security Council…). Together, they try to solve a hot issue of international relations.

There are thousands of MUN’s around the world, each more or less well-known. We participate in 3 MUN’s a year, OXIMUN in Oxford (end of October-beginning of November), LIMUN in London (end of February) and Harvard World MUN in March, considered to be the Olympics of Model United Nations. Its location changes every year around the world. Recent locations include Panama, Montreal, Rome and Seoul.

MSB is also the opportunity to befriend a great group of students from all over Belgium and be taught by experienced members and professional trainers.

During the preparation and the MUN’s, you will learn to speak in public, negotiate and improve your English communication, as well as travel to exotic places (Panama, Montreal, Rome, Seoul) and meet students from all over the world.

Moreover, MUN Society Belgium is the occasion to expand your horizons and your professional opportunities, be advised by alumni on your academic and professional careers and get to know people from (various) prestigious firms and universities.

MSB organises 2 applications sessions a year (October and April). You can also meet us at the beginning of the year at the various MSB Meet and Drinks Events all over Belgium. To apply, check the apply page.

We are looking for ambitious and committed Belgian students in between their 2nd Bachelor and their 2nd Master, who have the drive to take up a new challenge. Are you looking for a life changing experience and do you have a good command of English? Go for it!

All the needed information is provided on the application page.

MSB enjoys an excellent reputation in the MUN sphere: we won Oxford 10+ times, London 9+ times and Harvard World MUN 6+ times.

Financial considerations should never be a reason not to apply. Our sponsors help us to keep the cost of each conference reasonable. Moreover, MSB gives special consideration to the matter, discussed on a case per case basis.

MSB organises a lot of activities throughout the year. In the weeks prior to a conference we organise 2-3 trainings a week, in the rest of the year we organise workshops, events with the alumni and parties. MSB is thus a time-consuming activity, but you will definitely manage to combine with your studies, sports or other activities.

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